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from The Second Sex, by Simone De Beauvoir
That’s me
I am a woman.
I have a body.
My body
‘is a social
rather than
a naturally
given datum.’ 

Receiving the STARTS Prize from Roberto Viola 
(Director General DG Connect , European Commission) at the Gala of Ars Electronica 2018
Interaction designer committed to female’s healthcare and its innovation, combining biotechnology and interactive wearables. Co-Founder at Alma.
CV to download

McKinsey Venture Academy with ALMA
/ Cambridge. UK 
Vision Health Pioneers Incubator with ALMA / Berlin. DE
*WORTH Project, EU Horizon 2020 - 3rd Call Winner with Rethinking the Bra
/ EU
*World OMOSIROI Award 6th - Winner  
/ Osaka. JP
*Re-FREAM Project, EU Horizon 2020 with ALMA 
- Grant / Berlin. DE
*Biomaker Spirit Award - Winner with ALMA / Cambridge. UK
*Biomaker Challenge - Grant with ALMA / Cambridge. UK
*STARTS 2018 Grand Prize Artistic Exploration, EU Horizon 2020 - Winner / Linz. AT
*Young Talent Award, at DDW - Nominated / Eindhoven. NL

*Textile Biophilia, organised in collaboration with Near Now at Broadway Gallery / Nottingham. UK

*Re-Fream Final at AHOY with Fraunhofer IZM / Berlin. DE
*Surface Tension World at Londonf Design Festval / London. UK
*HFF2020 3rd Nature Fiber Library (interview) / Taipei. TW
*Rethinking the Bra, digital exhibited at Fuori Salone / Milano. IT
*STARTS Methodologies (Virtual exhib) at University of Wolverhampton / UK
*Making FASHION Sense, at HeK / Basel. CH
*Vienna Biennale for Change, Design Labour - FUTURE FLORA ON PERMANENT COLLECTION - at MAK / Vienna. AT
*Gluon Night, Our medical future?, at Orsi Academy / Bruxelles. BE
*GiriGiri/On the edge at Tokyo Midtown, Ars Electronica / Tokyo. JP
*Open Technology Workshop at the Biomaker Fayre / Cambridge. UK
*STARTS Prize, at Frankfurter Buchemesse / Frankfurter. DE 
*Attempts, Failures,Trails and Errors at Kibla Multimedia Center / Maribor. SL
*London Design Festival LDF, at Open Cell / London. UK
*STARTS Prize ‘18 & Tendencies, at Bozar / Bruxelles. BE
*Error the Art of Imperfection - STARTS Prize at Ars Electronica 2018 / Linz. AT
*Creative Reactions, Pint of Science / Nottingham. UK
*Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors at Salonul de proiecte / Bucharest. RO

*Dutch Design Week 2017 / Eindhoven. NL
*CUNT - Laundry Service, at KK Outlet / London. UK
*OFFF London 2017, at Here East / London. UK
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2017 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*Most Contagious / London. UK
*Operae / Turin. IT
*Press Dinner DDW, at Bart Hess Studio / Eindhoven. NL
*Manifestations, at Dutch Design Week 2016 / Eindhoven. NL
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2016 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*Material Futures Degree Show at CSM / London. UK
*Milan Design Week 2016 / Milan. IT
*Wip Show, at Central Saint Martins / London. UK
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2015 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*LAGOStudio at LAGO srl / Villa del Conte. IT
*Maker Faire Rome 2014 / Rome. IT
*Smart Textiles, at the Europen Patent Office / Dan Haag. NL
*Io sono makers, at Fuori Salone / Milan. IT
*Smart Textiles Salon vol.3 / Ghent. BE
*Hack Reality 2, at WhyMCA / Milan. IT
*Open Day, at NABA / Milan. IT

**Coded Bodies, with Stefano Parisi at Politecnico MA Fashion System / Milan. IT
**Coded Biophilia at School of Machines / Berlin. DE
*Make/Care at UFG / Linz. AT
**E-textile sensors at MA Soft Systems RCA  / London. UK
**Coded Biophilia at UniBiz / Bolzano. IT
**BioDesign Challenge Course at IxD Umea Institute of Design (video)  / Umea. SE
**Laborworche at HFG_Gmund / DE
**Thinking through Making: Coded Bodies at Modern Museum / Istanbul. TR
**Context Future Project, at Royal College of Arts / London. UK
**DIY e-Textile Sensors, with Atenea Platform (video) / ES

**Coded Bodies, with Stefano Parisi at Politecnico MA Fashion System / Milan. IT
**Coded Bodies, for Cipke at Rampa Lab / Lijubiana. SL
**Alma meets Flora, at kons Festival / Lijubiana. SL
**Coded Bodies, at Reutlingen University / Reutlingen. DE
**Intimate Technology, with Alice Stewart at Media Design HEAD / Geneve. CH
**Alma incontra Flora, for [e]Design Festival / Treviso. IT
**Alma incontra Flora with Prime Minister / Favara. IT
**Coding Wearables, After School Club at STORE STORE / London. UK
The New Normal - Covid-19 and after at DOMUS Acdemy / Milan. IT
*Coded Bodies, at Adiacenze Gallery / Bologna. IT
*#5 Alma meets Flora, at HeK / Basel. CH
*Coded Bodies, at FHNW MA Studio Design / Basel. CH
*#4 Alma meets Flora Workshop, at Women’s Center for Change / Penang. MY
*#3 Alma meets Flora Workshop, at FREC Bangkok / Bangkok. TH
*Coded Bodies, with Stefano Parisi at Politecnico MA Fashion System / Milan. IT
*Teaching at MA Design for fashion System at Politecnico / Milan. IT
*#2 Alma incontra Flora, at WeMake / Milan. IT
*Coded Bodies, at Laborwoche, HFG_Gmund / DE
*Living Design: Biophilia+ Food, Culture and Autonomy with Arabeschi di Latte, Materia Brasil, Centro de Carioca Design and British Council at ESDI / Rio de Janeiro. BR
*#1 Alma meets Flora, at Olabi / Rio de Janeiro. BR
*Biofabricating Matter with Anastasia Pistofidou at the eTextile Spring Break, Wassaic / NYC. US
*The Way They Were Then - Creative process with ‘Faltonia’ by Feet Off the Ground at Dance4 / Nottingham. UK
*Kodierte Korpe, at Laborwoche, HFG_Gmund / DE
*Bioutopia Workshop “How can bio-textiles  empower tribes to become nomadic citizen scientists?”, at the E-Textiles Summer Camp 2018 with Pauline Vierne / Miaoli. TW
*Coded Bodies, at Nottingham Trent University / Nottingham. UK
*The Future of Biohacking , Skinjobs, at Broadway Gallery / Nottingham. UK
*Crafting Impossible Textiles at the E-Textiles Summer Camp 2017 with Sasha de Koninck, Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes / Poncè sue le Loir. FR
*Guest Lecturer - Coded Bodies is a  serie of workshops on soft
wearable and wearable tech, at the University of Creative Arts / Epsom. UK 
*Bio Textiles Workshops at the E-Textiles Summer Camp 2016
with Pauline Vierne and Svenja Keune, Paillard Centre d’Art
Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes / Poncè sue le Loir. FR
*Open Lab,  co-founder  E.E.A.T. at Baltan Lab / Eindhoven. NL

**Having Friends in the Future 2020, Tribe Against Machine / TW
*FEMeeting, Women in Art, Science and Technology / Portugal. PT
*eTextile Spring Break, Wassaic / NYC. US
*Tribe Against Machine, E-Textiles Summer Camp 2018 / Miaoli. TW
*CUNT - Laundry Service, at KK Outlet / London. UK
*Fabricademy, Fablab Barcelona / Barcelona. ES
*Internet of Women Things, at Tetem / Enschede. NL
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2016 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2015 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*LAGOStudio at LAGO srl / Villa del Conte. IT

*Textile Academy, Fabricademy Bootcamp / Barcelona. ES
*Central Saint Martins - MA Material Futures / London. UK
*Design Academy - MA Social Design / Eindhoven. NL 
*Ghent University - Post-Academic Smart Textiles / Ghent. BE
*NABA - BA Product Design / Milan. IT

*Alma is part of ‘Arte e Tecnologia del Terzo Millennio: Scenari e Protagonisti’ by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, Valentino Catracalà by Collezione Farnesina and Ministero degli Affari Estero (e-book) / IT
*Coding the Future, Textiles and Biology in Symbiosis - The Slow Grind by the Laundry Arts (e-shop) / London. UK
*Empowerment and Self-Care: Designing for the Female Body by Giulia Tomasello and Teresa Almeida - in the book Crafting Anatomies: Archives, Dialogues, Fabrications. Editors:  Katherine Townsend, Rhian Solomon, Amanda Briggs-Goode, Bloomsbury Visual Arts / Nottingham. UK

*Wilful Technologies: Rage and Resilience - Madeline Balaam & Lone Koefoed Hansen / Arnhus. SW
*STARTS Catalogue 2018 by Ars ELectronica / Linz. AT

*TNUC zine, by Giulia Tomasello & Ahaad Alamoudi, for The Laundry Arts Project ‘Cunt’ / London. UK

In brief: The Underwear of Things? Tech tackling Vaginal Infections_by Tomorrow Unlocked
Girl Biophilia_ by Maja Zupano (on request)

*Going Global / VHP Blog
*ALMA / VHP Blog
*(e)Textiles New Materialities by Teresa Almeida 
*Lampoon Magazine (it)
*B-o-l-d, Technology gives women new freedom (jp)
*ConversRAI - Tech for good: la tecnologia per il sociale di Nesta (it)
*STARTS Methodologies Exhibition, Future Flora / Intellect Books  
*High-Tech Fashion _ Art and science for the clothes of tomorrow
*Alma / Re-Fream Blog
*Connecting Females and their bodies / Re-Fream Blog
*Technology over text - The challenges of research during a global pandemic / Re-Fream Blog
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*Synthetic Biology in Cambridge
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*Resto del Carlino, Pesaro [01.09.2018 - 14.09.2018] (it)
*ICON Design - BOOK CLUB (June 2018) (it)

*It’s Nice That
*Bricks Magazine
*New Scientist
*HANGRY, The Blog
*Elle Decor Italia
*LS:N Global
*Design Indaba
*Fast Company
*The Funambulist
*Material Lab

*Gender Medicine Symposium, ALMA presenting at Bielefeld University / DE
**GAIA ,  Una nuova idea di ecologia. Interaction design, scienza e filosofia applicate al benessere per Green Table (trailer) / Perugia. IT
**ALMA e Innovazione Inclusive, Re-Fream & ARCA (video) / Palermo. IT
*Le Alleanze dei Corpi, at BASE Milano / Milan. IT
*Coded Biophilia with 2050+, Slam Jam at Milan Design Week / IT
**ALMA co-design with FLORA for Re-Fream / Berlin. DE
**Interview for HFF2020 (video)  / Taipei. TW
*Green Table Conversation at BASE Milano / Milano. IT
**Vision Health Pioneers - ALMA Pitch (video) / Berlin. DE
**Wear it Live: Fashion Tech / Berlin. DE
**Life Like, Design Multispecie, with Mali Weil at MUSE / Trento. IT
**Crafting Futures - Female Intimate Care, at MA Design  at Kunstuniversität Linz / Linz.AU
**Contamination between arts, science and technology: new pathways of innovation, (video) with Nesta Italia e STARTS / Torino. IT
**STARTS Journey, On a Journey with Alma (video), at ARS / Linz.AU
**Online Talk Fashion, Technology, Responsibility, at ARS / Linz. AU
**Online Talk STARTS Methodologies Roundtable, at ARS / UK-AU
*Female Biophilia: Educazione, Innovazione e Tecnologia  at [e] Design Festival / Treviso. IT
**Online Talk ALMA in conversation with FABRICADEMY - Mapping the Future of Fashion, (video)
**Online Talk La Moda del Futuro: Sostenibilità, Tecnologia e Manifattura urbana, (video) with Arca Consorzio e Re-Fream / IT
**Online Talk Textiles and Technology, (video) at LUARTS / UK
**Online Talk BAR ARDUINO / IT-US
**Online Lecture DXARTS 200, at UW / Seattle. US
**Online Talk (video) RE-FREAM, Electronic Textiles and Fashion Webinar
**Online Talk Globalspeak, How are we dealing with Covid-19?
**Online Talk studio IDEO London / UK
*World OMOSIROI Award Ceremony, Knowledge Capital / Osaka. JP
* Video - Re-Fream Art/Tech Co-Creation Journey
*DeFine - Fashion Tech Info Day Milan, at Polifactory / Milan. IT
*Crossing Boundaries, at Speculative Stuttgart /Stuttgart. DE
*Art&Tech Meetup / Female Biophilia, at Poligon / Ljubljana. SI
*Female Biophilia:Crossing Boundaries, at Kikk Festival / Namur. BE
*Female Biophilia, Entremeios Autonomia e Design at IED Rio / RJ. BR
*Designing the Self, MAK FUTURE LAB, at MAK / Vienna. AT
*Laboratory of the Future, at Ars Electronica / Linz. AT
*Co-Thinking the Renewal of Fashion, Ars Electronica / Linz. AT
*SxTech-ON Conference, ‘SEx tech/FEM tech - The future is sustainable’ panel / Berlin. DE
*Medimeisterschaften Festival, XPOMET / Mühlhausen. DE
*Fraunhofer / Porto. PT
*In dialogue with our bodies:becoming embodied knowers, with Teresa Almeida at FEMeeting / Milfontes. PT
*Talk at NYU MAGNET - Media and Games Network / New York. US
*Decolonization and the Nonhuman, (audio file) for the Design Trouble Symposium at the University of Washington / Seattle. US
*Talk at University of Washington / Seattle. US
*The Art & Science Soirée at the OtherSyde / Cambridge. UK
*Gender in art/tech: inclusivity and power of digital transformation at Triennale Design Museum for Milan Digital Week / Milan. IT
*39th metaPhorest seminar at Waseda University / Tokyo. JP
*Challenge to the GiriGiri at Tokyo Midtown / Tokyo. JP
*Biennal Ciutat i Ciencia: Future Flora, Celebrant la Biofìlia Femenina at La Pedrera / Barcelona. ES
*Conferencia de la diseñadora de interacción Giulia Tomasello at Elisava / Barcelona. ES*Biosensors: from women’s health (Alma) by Tommaso Busolo at Cafè Synthetique / CA. UK
*Visiting Lecturer Soft Systems at Royal College of Art / London. UK
*10x10 Design Connections with British Council at the Design Museum / London. UK
*Interview (video) for Anilla Cultural Latinoamérica-Europa en Uruguay-Global Network / Linz. AT
*STARTS Talk_Embracing the Risk (video) at Ars Electronica / Linz.AT
*Trust in Invisible Agents (iot) Roundtable with Futureverything at Ars  Electronica / Linz. AT
*Interactive Wearables and BioTextiles at TTRI, Taiwan Textile Research  Institute / Taipei. TW
*Future Flora Talk  (video) at OpenCell / London. UK
*STARTS Talk, We Make The City, at Circl / Amsterdam. NL
*STARTS Talk, CEBIT 2018 / Hannover. DE
*Creative Reactions, Pint of Science / Nottingham. UK
*Future Now, at Rough Trade / Nottingham. UK
*Nottingham Trent University / Nottingham. UK
*OurBodies, Our Selves:We, at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre / Penang. MY
*The Science of Blade Runner, at Broadway / Nottingham. UK
*Female Biophilia - The potential of wearing microorganisms, at the  E-Textiles Summer Camp 2017 / Poncè sue le Loir. FR
*Ourbodies, Ourselves: Female Taboos for a collective empowerment, (video) at Creative Morning / Turin. IT
*Visiting Lecturer, at the University of Creative Arts / Epsom. UK
*Crafting Complex Materials, CreateOutLoud, at MU Gallery / Eindhoven. NL
*Dare Festival / Antwerp. BE

*Makerversity / London. UK
*E-Stitches at V&A / London. UK

*PopUpMakers, at Wemake / Milan. IT

*#24: Breaking the taboo around bacteria and vaginas (audio) - Ferment Radio
*Witches are back - Episode 5 by Radio Forte (audio) / IT
*Cosa può un corpo? - Relazione by Phase (audio) / IT
*Alma x Cure Ribelli - Tecnologie aperte per una cura come bene comune (audio) / IT
*Intimate Bio design with Giulia Tomasello, by The A Level Biologist, directed by my scientific partner Arian Mirzarafie Ahi (audio) / UK
*Electrónica y programación by MESH, Nuria Alonso mentioned Rethinking the Bra project / ES
*DSI4EU Webinar, (videoBiohacking e Innovazine Sociale Digitale by Wemake / IT
*Radio Beckwith by Talos (audio) / IT
*Radio Veronica by Non è una radio per vecchi (audio) / IT
*Interview for FM4 Radio (audio) / AT
*CUNT Qualms - Laundry Arts by NTS Radio (audio) / UK