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from The Second Sex, by Simone De Beauvoir
That’s me
I am a woman.
I have a body.
My body
‘is a social
rather than
a naturally
given datum.’ 

Receiving the STARTS Prize from Roberto Viola 
(Director General DG Connect , European Commission) at the Gala of Ars Electronica 2018
Interaction Designer innovating in women’s healthcare combining biotechnology and interactive wearables. Winner of Re-FREAM and STARTS Prize both awarded from EU Horizon 2020 for her projects Alma and Future Flora. This year winner of World Omosiroi Japanese Award for her multidisciplinary work.
CV to download

Vision Health Pioneers Incubator
/ Berlin. DE
*WORTH Project, EU Horizon 2020 - 3rd Call Winner
/ EU
*World OMOSIROI Award 6th - Winner
/ Osaka. JP
*Re-FREAM Project, EU Horizon 2020
- Grant / Berlin. DE
*Biomaker Spirit Award - Winner / Cambridge. UK
*Biomaker Challenge - Grant / Cambridge. UK
*STARTS 2018 Grand Prize Artistic Exploration, EU Horizon 2020 - Winner / Linz. AT
*Young Talent Award, at DDW - Nominated / Eindhoven. NL

*Textile Biophilia, organised in collaboration with Near Now at Broadway Gallery / Nottingham. UK

*STARTS Methodologies (Virtual exhib) at University of Wolverhampton / UK
*Making FASHION Sense, at HeK / Basel. CH
*Vienna Biennale for Change, Design Labour - FUTURE FLORA ON PERMANENT COLLECTION - at MAK / Vienna. AT
*Gluon Night, Our medical future?, at Orsi Academy / Bruxelles. BE
*GiriGiri/On the edge at Tokyo Midtown, Ars Electronica / Tokyo. JP
*Open Technology Workshop at the Biomaker Fayre / Cambridge. UK
*STARTS Prize, at Frankfurter Buchemesse / Frankfurter. DE 
*Attempts, Failures,Trails and Errors at Kibla Multimedia Center / Maribor. SL
*London Design Festival LDF, at Open Cell / London. UK
*STARTS Prize ‘18 & Tendencies, at Bozar / Bruxelles. BE
*Error the Art of Imperfection - STARTS Prize at Ars Electronica 2018 / Linz. AT
*Creative Reactions, Pint of Science / Nottingham. UK
*Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors at Salonul de proiecte / Bucharest. RO

*Dutch Design Week 2017 / Eindhoven. NL
*CUNT - Laundry Service, at KK Outlet / London. UK
*OFFF London 2017, at Here East / London. UK
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2017 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*Most Contagious / London. UK
*Operae / Turin. IT
*Press Dinner DDW, at Bart Hess Studio / Eindhoven. NL
*Manifestations, at Dutch Design Week 2016 / Eindhoven. NL
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2016 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*Material Futures Degree Show at CSM / London. UK
*Milan Design Week 2016 / Milan. IT
*Wip Show, at Central Saint Martins / London. UK
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2015 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*LAGOStudio at LAGO srl / Villa del Conte. IT
*Maker Faire Rome 2014 / Rome. IT
*Smart Textiles, at the Europen Patent Office / Dan Haag. NL
*Io sono makers, at Fuori Salone / Milan. IT
*Smart Textiles Salon vol.3 / Ghent. BE
*Hack Reality 2, at WhyMCA / Milan. IT
*Open Day, at NABA / Milan. IT

**Coded Bodies, with Stefano Parisi at Politecnico MA Design Fashion System / Milan. IT
**Coded Bodies, for Cipke at Rampa Lab / Lijubiana. SL
**Alma meets Flora, at kons Festival / Lijubiana. SL
**Coded Bodies, at Reutlingen University / Reutlingen. DE
**Intimate Technology, with Alice Stewart at Media Design HEAD / Geneve. CH
**Alma incontra Flora, for [e]Design Festival / Treviso. IT
**Alma incontra Flora with Prime Minister / Favara. IT
**Coding Wearables, After School Club at STORE STORE / London. UK
The New Normal - Covid-19 and after at DOMUS Acdemy / Milan. IT
*Coded Bodies, at Adiacenze Gallery / Bologna. IT
*#5 Alma meets Flora, at HeK / Basel. CH
*Coded Bodies, at FHNW MA Studio Design / Basel. CH
*#4 Alma meets Flora Workshop, at WCC Women’s Center for Change / Penang. MY
*#3 Alma meets Flora Workshop, at FREC Bangkok / Bangkok. TH
*Coded Bodies, with Stefano Parisi at Politecnico MA Design Fashion System / Milan. IT
*Teaching at MA Design for fashion System at Politecnico / Milan. IT
*#2 Alma incontra Flora, at WeMake / Milan. IT
*Coded Bodies, at Laborwoche, HFG_Gmund / DE
*Living Design: Biophilia+ Food, Culture and Autonomy with Arabeschi di Latte, Materia Brasil, Centro de Carioca Design and British Council Brazil at ESDI Uerj / Rio de Janeiro. BR
*#1 Alma meets Flora, at Olabi / Rio de Janeiro. BR
*Biofabricating Matter with Anastasia Pistofidou at the eTextile Spring Break, Wassaic / NYC. US
*The Way They Were Then - Creative process with ‘Faltonia’ by Feet Off the Ground at Dance4 / Nottingham. UK
*Kodierte Korpe, at Laborwoche, HFG_Gmund / DE
*Bioutopia Workshop “How can bio-textiles  empower tribes to become nomadic citizen scientists?”, at the E-Textiles Summer Camp 2018 with Pauline Vierne / Miaoli. TW
*Coded Bodies, at Nottingham Trent University / Nottingham. UK
*The Future of Biohacking , Skinjobs, at Broadway Gallery / Nottingham. UK
*Crafting Impossible Textiles at the E-Textiles Summer Camp 2017 with Sasha de Koninck, Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes / Poncè sue le Loir. FR
*Guest Lecturer - Coded Bodies is a  serie of workshops on soft
wearable and wearable tech, at the University of Creative Arts / Epsom. UK 
*Bio Textiles Workshops at the E-Textiles Summer Camp 2016
with Pauline Vierne and Svenja Keune, Paillard Centre d’Art
Contemporain & Résidence d’Artistes / Poncè sue le Loir. FR
*Open Lab,  co-founder  E.E.A.T. at Baltan Lab / Eindhoven. NL

**Having Friends in the Future 2020, Tribe Against Machine / TW
*FEMeeting, Women in Art, Science and Technology / Portugal. PT
*eTextile Spring Break, Wassaic / NYC. US
*Tribe Against Machine, E-Textiles Summer Camp 2018 / Miaoli. TW
*CUNT - Laundry Service, at KK Outlet / London. UK
*Fabricademy, Fablab Barcelona / Barcelona. ES
*Internet of Women Things, at Tetem / Enschede. NL
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2016 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*E-Textiles Summer Camp 2015 / Poncé sur le Loir. FR
*LAGOStudio at LAGO srl / Villa del Conte. IT

*Textile Academy, Fabricademy Bootcamp / Barcelona. ES
*Central Saint Martins - MA Material Futures / London. UK
*Design Academy - MA Social Design / Eindhoven. NL 
*Ghent University - Post-Academic Smart Textiles / Ghent. BE
*NABA - BA Product Design / Milan. IT

*Coding the Future, Textiles and Biology in Symbiosis - The Slow Grind by the Laundry Arts / London. UK
*Empowerment and Self-Care: Designing for the Female Body by Giulia Tomasello and Teresa Almeida - in the book Crafting Anatomies: Archives, Dialogues, Fabrications. Editors:  Katherine Townsend, Rhian Solomon, Amanda Briggs-Goode, Bloomsbury Visual Arts / Nottingham. UK

*Wilful Technologies: Rage and Resilience - Madeline Balaam & Lone Koefoed Hansen / Arnhus. SW
*STARTS Catalogue 2018 by Ars ELectronica / Linz. AT

*TNUC zine, by Giulia Tomasello & Ahaad Alamoudi, for The Laundry Arts Project ‘Cunt’ / London. UK

In brief: The Underwear of Things? Tech tackling Vaginal Infections_by Tomorrow Unlocked
Girl Biophilia_ by Maja Zupano (on request)

*High-Tech Fashion _ Art and science for the clothes of tomorrow
*Alma / Re-Fream Blog
*Connecting Females and their bodies / Re-Fream Blog
*Technology over text - The challenges of research during a global pandemic / Re-Fream Blog
*Co-Design - the Ecodesign Prototype halfway / Re-Fream Blog
*Alma and Females / Re-Fream Blog
*Female Bodies - Intimate Health Care / Re-Fream Blog
*Alma - monitoring vaginal fluids / Re-Fream Blog
*TrevisoToday (it)
*Bossy (it)
*AD Italia (it)
*Treizhebdo (fr)
*Rebelling with care. (eng) (it) Design Social Innovation for Europe
*Elle Decor Italia (it)
*Starts Prize - Identifying succesful Starts methodologies
*Soldes (fr)
*Wired Japan (jp)
*Axismag (jp)
*DesignHub (jp)
*Medium (jp)
*Digicult (it)
*Sporobole (fr)
*The Future Laboratory
*Dazed Beauty
*Creative Applications Network
*Synthetic Biology in Cambridge
*Ars Electronica Blog
*Resto del Carlino, Pesaro [01.09.2018 - 14.09.2018] (it)
*ICON Design - BOOK CLUB (June 2018) (it)

*It’s Nice That
*Bricks Magazine
*New Scientist
*HANGRY, The Blog
*Elle Decor Italia
*LS:N Global
*Design Indaba
*Fast Company
*The Funambulist
*Material Lab

**Life Like, Design Multispecie, with Mali Weil at MUSE / Trento. IT
**Crafting Futures - Female Intimate Care, at MA Design  at Kunstuniversität Linz / Linz.AU
**Contamination between arts, science and technology: new pathways of innovation, (video) with Nesta Italia e STARTS / Torino. IT
**STARTS Journey, On a Journey with Alma (video), at ARS / Linz.AU
**Online Talk Fashion, Technology, Responsibility, at ARS / Linz. AU
**Online Talk STARTS Methodologies Roundtable, at ARS / UK-AU
*Female Biophilia: Educazione, Innovazione e Tecnologia  at [e] Design Festival / Treviso. IT
**Online Talk ALMA in conversation with FABRICADEMY - Mapping the Future of Fashion, (video)
**Online Talk La Moda del Futuro: Sostenibilità, Tecnologia e Manifattura urbana, (video) with Arca Consorzio e Re-Fream / IT
**Online Talk Textiles and Technology, (video) at LUARTS / UK
**Online Talk BAR ARDUINO / IT-US
**Online Lecture DXARTS 200, at UW / Seattle. US
**Online Talk (video) RE-FREAM, Electronic Textiles and Fashion Webinar
**Online Talk Globalspeak, How are we dealing with Covid-19?
**Online Talk studio IDEO London / UK
*World OMOSIROI Award Ceremony, Knowledge Capital / Osaka. JP
* Video - Re-Fream Art/Tech Co-Creation Journey
*DeFine - Fashion Tech Info Day Milan, at Polifactory / Milan. IT
*Crossing Boundaries, at Speculative Stuttgart /Stuttgart. DE
*Art&Tech Meetup / Female Biophilia, at Poligon / Ljubljana. SI
*Female Biophilia:Crossing Boundaries, at Kikk Festival / Namur. BE
*Female Biophilia, Entremeios Autonomia e Design at IED Rio / RJ. BR
*Designing the Self, MAK FUTURE LAB, at MAK / Vienna. AT
*Laboratory of the Future, at Ars Electronica / Linz. AT
*Co-Thinking the Renewal of Fashion, Ars Electronica / Linz. AT
*SxTech-ON Conference, ‘SEx tech/FEM tech - The future is sustainable’ panel / Berlin. DE
*Medimeisterschaften Festival, XPOMET / Mühlhausen. DE
*Fraunhofer / Porto. PT
*In dialogue with our bodies:becoming embodied knowers, with Teresa Almeida at FEMeeting / Milfontes. PT
*Talk at NYU MAGNET - Media and Games Network / New York. US
*Decolonization and the Nonhuman, (audio file) for the Design Trouble Symposium at the University of Washington / Seattle. US
*Talk at University of Washington / Seattle. US
*The Art & Science Soirée at the OtherSyde / Cambridge. UK
*Gender in art/tech: inclusivity and power of digital transformation at Triennale Design Museum for Milan Digital Week / Milan. IT
*39th metaPhorest seminar at Waseda University / Tokyo. JP
*Challenge to the GiriGiri at Tokyo Midtown / Tokyo. JP
*Biennal Ciutat i Ciencia: Future Flora, Celebrant la Biofìlia Femenina at La Pedrera / Barcelona. ES
*Conferencia de la diseñadora de interacción Giulia Tomasello at Elisava / Barcelona. ES*Biosensors: from women’s health (Alma) by Tommaso Busolo at Cafè Synthetique / CA. UK
*Visiting Lecturer Soft Systems at Royal College of Art / London. UK
*10x10 Design Connections with British Council at the Design Museum / London. UK
*Interview (video) for Anilla Cultural Latinoamérica-Europa en Uruguay-Global Network / Linz. AT
*STARTS Talk_Embracing the Risk (video) at Ars Electronica / Linz.AT
*Trust in Invisible Agents (iot) Roundtable with Futureverything at Ars  Electronica / Linz. AT
*Interactive Wearables and BioTextiles at TTRI, Taiwan Textile Research  Institute / Taipei. TW
*Future Flora Talk  (video) at OpenCell / London. UK
*STARTS Talk, We Make The City, at Circl / Amsterdam. NL
*STARTS Talk, CEBIT 2018 / Hannover. DE
*Creative Reactions, Pint of Science / Nottingham. UK
*Future Now, at Rough Trade / Nottingham. UK
*Nottingham Trent University / Nottingham. UK
*OurBodies, Our Selves:We, at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre / Penang. MY
*The Science of Blade Runner, at Broadway / Nottingham. UK
*Female Biophilia - The potential of wearing microorganisms, at the  E-Textiles Summer Camp 2017 / Poncè sue le Loir. FR
*Ourbodies, Ourselves: Female Taboos for a collective empowerment, (video) at Creative Morning / Turin. IT
*Visiting Lecturer, at the University of Creative Arts / Epsom. UK
*Crafting Complex Materials, CreateOutLoud, at MU Gallery / Eindhoven. NL
*Dare Festival / Antwerp. BE

*Makerversity / London. UK
*E-Stitches at V&A / London. UK

*PopUpMakers, at Wemake / Milan. IT

*Witches are back - Episode 5 by Radio Forte (audio) / IT
*Cosa può un corpo? - Relazione by Phase (audio) / IT
*Alma x Cure Ribelli - Tecnologie aperte per una cura come bene comune (audio) / IT
*Intimate Bio design with Giulia Tomasello, by The A Level Biologist, directed by my scientific partner Arian Mirzarafie Ahi (audio) / UK
*Electrónica y programación by MESH, Nuria Alonso mentioned Rethinking the Bra project / ES
*DSI4EU Webinar, (videoBiohacking e Innovazine Sociale Digitale by Wemake / IT
*Radio Beckwith by Talos (audio) / IT
*Radio Veronica by Non è una radio per vecchi (audio) / IT
*Interview for FM4 Radio (audio) / AT
*CUNT Qualms - Laundry Arts by NTS Radio (audio) / UK