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#1 Alma meets Flora - 14th October 2019
in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) at Olabi Makerspace 

#2 Alma incontra Flora - 19th November 2019
in Milan (Italy) at Wemake

#3 Alma meets Flora - 12th December 2019
in Bangkok (Thailand) at FREC Bangkok

#4 Alma meets Flora - 18th January 2020
in Penang (Malaysia) at WCC Women’s Centre for Change

#5 Alma meets Flora - 16th February 2020
in Basel (Switzerland) at Hek - Haus der elektronischen Künste

#6 Alma incontra Flora - 22nd May 2020
ONLINE with Prime Minister 


if you are interested to run Alma meets Flora Workshop in your space please contact us at tomasello.gi@gmail.com