ALMA is a wearbale biosensor designed for females to monitor vaginal fluids and prevent early bacterial infections.  
Your prototype will become part of the ALMA Project and travel with us for future exhibitions around the world. ALMA is partof Re-Fream Project, aiming to rethink the future of fashion by PROMOTING ART AND SCIENCE co-creation.  It is supported by EU Horizon 2020 and Starts Lighthouse. Last updates on Re-Fream Blog.

We will provide you: the full ALMA concept and scenario, insights from ALMA meets Flora Workshops, not-functionals electronics, some technical fabrics for the gusset area, 50€ of materials to design your prototype, shipping cost to send your prototype back to us. 


Artistic References:

Ani Liu

 Rosie Broadhead

Zuhra Hilal
Bolt Threads

 Carlota Guerrero


Neri Oxman

Pierre-Louis Auvray

Wovo Store